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How To Tell If A Chinese Novel Is Fiction Or Not

At the beginning of this article I said “sometimes” Chinese novels have the same plot structure as Western novels. Sometimes they do. However, sometimes they are different and tell a story in a different manner.

My book “Chinatown”The Great Wall” was similar in style, theme and plot. “The Great Wall”Chinatown” were each books about a group of people who found themselves in an alien city that had been destroyed by another civilization and were being hunted down by the invaders. But because the fictional world is a fantasy, the lives of the invaders and the inhabitants of the alien city are different.

In “Chinatown,” the people of New York (I was living in Shanghai at the time) were forced to leave their home in order to protect it from an invading army. They struggled to find safety in other parts of China, leaving behind their loved ones and the life they had built in the United States. The book has the two main protagonists, Don and Harry, as well as a half dozen supporting characters who participate in their struggles to find a place in a foreign land. The story’s big ending involved Don and Harry fighting against the armies of an invading Chinese army in order to save their home.

The two series are different in both story structure and in the fighting in such battles. The first book was not only successful as a light novel, but it was also well-liked and was translated into English as a traditional novel. The main difference between “The Great Wall”Chinatown” is that the Chinese army in “The Great Wall” did not attack New York.

But the series was not without its purpose. It could be seen as a propaganda film meant to defend China from criticism. Of course, in both series, it is the foreigners who have to fight against the armies of the Chinese army.

In fact, the fantasy nature of the light novel came from the very purpose of the film that was making the novel. One of the main aims of the movie is to promote the idea of being part of China.

Although the goal of these fictional stories is different, the results are mostly the same and that is, successful movies that are written with a good story and well-placed images get made. Just like what I said earlier, a Chinese novel like “The Great Wall” can also be a television series or a movie as long as it makes people read and then watch, and then understand what the story is saying.

Indeed, sometimes Chinese novels are a mixture of both and other times it is a combination of them. But the aim of a novel is always the same: it is to entertain and to educate.

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