10 Animal Photoshop Mashups You Never Asked For

You never asked for this, but you’re going to get it anyway. That’s because when someone can Photoshop, one must Photoshop. Ever wondered what a rhino would look like if crossed with a chicken? Or a dog with a caterpillar? Now’s your chance and some of the mashups are truly horrific.

1. Cat + bird = bat.


Cat + bird = bat.

Apparently this is what you get when you cross a cat with a bird, the last thing humans need is cats going airborne.


2. Rhino + chicken = rhien.

Rhino + chicken = rhien.

The most terrifying chicken you’ve ever seen, does it lay eggs? Please tell us it lays eggs.


3. Dog + caterpillar = dogerpillar.

Dog + caterpillar = dogerpillar.

Can you imagine man’s best friend as a caterpillar? At least you don’t have to worry about it tearing your house apart.





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