11 Most Weird Signs You're Compatible - You Can Do You

5. You Can Do You

And they can do them, just alongside you doing you. Whether it's an in-tune morning or just an all-around good vibe, you don't have to alter your thang for your partner. "Your morning routine is the same and/or you are never a burden to the other person's needs," Caitlin K. Roberts, founder of To Be a Slut and cofounder of I'd Tap That, tells Bustle. "It feels really lovely when you can just fall into someone's life and know that you aren't taking up too much space in their personal time or changing their patterns," she adds. Instead of feeling like you are changing everything up for them, you can just chill together, and "your love styles match up," she says.


You Can Do You

"It's great when someone looks at their partner's gifts as a sign of affection and their partner understands receiving gifts as a sign of feeling loved," she says. Hint: That means that your love styles match up. The same goes for "physical touch, verbal affirmations and having things done for you," she says. If you're on the same page here, and you can both "do you" in harmony, then you are good to go.


6. You Can Compromise

Yup, conflict is great — and it's even better when you can resolve things calmly, relationship coach and therapist Anita Chlipala tells Bustle. "You fight, but then are able to reach a compromise," she says. "Conflict gets a bad rap in relationships, but what makes a couple compatible is that even when they disagree, they’re able to move past their differences and come up with compromises that work for both partners."


You Can Compromise

Like Slatkin, Chlipala says it's a good thing if you're in conflict from time to time, as long as things can be resolved in a timely fashion. Relationships are work, and finding middle ground can be tough can be tough, she says: "It won’t always be perfect, but it will be satisfactory enough," she says of compromise. And that is A-OK.





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