7 Interesting Ways to Save $4000 a Year

If you’re like most Americans who are planning for retirement, you are continuously looking for ways to save money. But most of the money saving advice you hear is about how to basically restrict your life (and your fun): Things like bring your lunch to work instead of going out, foregoing Starbucks’ lattes for a travel mug of joe, and giving up the idea of travel until you have finally reached retirement age.



While those are all effective ways of saving money, they aren’t ways that add value to your life while adding it to your bank account. The same way no one will stick to a diet that allows them only steamed broccoli and grilled chicken breasts, saving money only by restricting purchases will get old fast for most people.

With that said, here are 7 ways you can save $4000 a year without having to cut back on anything (including fun).





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