10 Celebrities Who Turned Their Lovers Into Superstars

It’s always beneficial when someone gets into a relationship with another famous person. For example, if an A-list actor shows interest in you and romance ends up going somewhere, just know that his or her fame and public status in the industry can open so many doors for you. We’ve seen it time and time again with so many Hollywood stars, who may not have been as successful until they started dating the people that they did, which inevitably turned them into superstars. If one is already somewhat established, they still have so much to gain from a relationship with another famous celebrity, which allows them to publicize off the relationship and start a brand of her their own. While some of the people listed below already had somewhat of a buzz in regards to their career, their stardom didn’t take off until they began dating a fellow celebrity. See below for the list of 10 celebrities who turned their lovers into superstars

10. Chris Brown, Rihanna

Both of them ended up coming up in the music industry right around the same time, but it is believed that Chris Brown’s massive following in the U.S helped Rihanna’s popularity grow immensely. This could somewhat be true seeing that the Bajan songstress saw a drastic increase in sales from 2006 and onwards — the same time she began dating Chris. It just so happens that Rihanna is more or less the bigger star now that the couple has split and moved on from one another. RiRi was named one of the best-selling artists of the last decade.


Chris Brown, Rihanna





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