12 Stars Who Don't Work For Less Than $1 Million

Most people dream of getting to the point in their careers where they can demand a certain salary. This is a sign that you’ve “made it big” in your field, and when you’re able to get the money you request, it shows that you’re well respected as a professional.


12 Celebs Who Won’t Get Out Of Bed For Less Than $1 Million

When you’re a celebrity and have the ability to “call the shots” when it comes to your salary, this is often an indication that you’re extremely popular (at the moment). It could also mean that you’ve been in the business for so long that you’ve earned the right to have more control over your career. Of course, there are some celebrities who are especially difficult when it comes to their salaries. Some famous people have been known to “not even get out of bed” if they’re not going to be paid at least $1 million. Are these celebs proving that they’re actually spoiled and entitled? Maybe. Are they simply demanding what they feel they deserve at this point in their careers? Perhaps. All we know is, $1 million is a lot of money, and anyone who can request it as a salary is pretty powerful. Here are 12 celebs who don’t work for less than $1 million.





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