17 Highest Paid Child Stars Of All Time

Imagine having one single contract or sale that can make you a millionaire. Now imagine that happening to you before graduating high school. We are not talking about some long term job here, just a single gig, a single show that sets you for life (if you’re smart with your money). This is not a list of the wealthiest teens, but the teens that received the biggest paycheck for a single movie, or a single season of a television show. Musicians aren’t included here, because it’s harder to figure out what they made from a single album, concert tour etc,. Even actors don’t release their salaries all of the time, but more often at least. Most of the actors on this list made their money on TV, and not on the big screen. It seems that a recurring series whether on streaming services, television etc., seems to be attracting more and more viewers recently and the salaries dished out reflect that. But don’t count out films. The richest teens on the list made their fortune in the biggest film franchises of the last decade.

17. Demi Lovato – $1 Million as a Judge on X-Factor, 2012 (Age 19)

Demi Lovato, born in 1992, currently makes her riches as a singer. She made her debut as a child actress at the age of 10 in Barney & Friends, rising to prominence a few years later on the Disney Channel television film, Camp Rock. She wasn’t making millions as a teen from her acting, but like many Disney stars, she developed her more lucrative musical career as a result of this show. Her biggest paying television gig came as a judge on the X-Factor at 19 years old. In later years as an adult, she raised her salary on the show to $2 million a year. During the peak of her fame in 2010, she battled anorexia, a battle she won after checking herself into a clinic that same year. In 2014 she made it to #40 on Maxim’s Hot 100 List.


Demi Lovato – $1 Million as a Judge on X-Factor, 2012 (Age 19)





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