10 Richest Celebrity Baby Mamas

What’s the point in going to college and studying for a degree when you can simply become someone’s baby mama and make a career out of that? Baby mamas are literally taking over Hollywood with their so-called “businesses” that are financed through the child support money they receive from their famous baby daddies. These stars have shown that being a baby mama to a famous star can be quite exciting because even if the relationship doesn’t work out, she can still go on to launch businesses, starring in reality shows and host party events. In simple terms, being the mother of a child who has a famous father is usually the golden ticket to making money quick and easy. It’s not an opinion of mine, it’s an observation I have seen from these women below. These are the 10 celebrity baby mamas that knew they could create an empire out of it all. See how they managed to do it.

10. Amber Rose

Amber Rose has built herself an empire through her baby daddy, Wiz Khalifa. The socialite had one of her biggest years in 2015; releasing her very own book, launching a sunglasses line, signed on to star in multiple films and she is still earning child support money. Amber is winning, that’s for sure. The famous-for-nothing celebrity plans to expand her brand in 2016 with another book and a potential clothing line. Either way, Amber will never be short of cash because she has paved her own way to make money for a lifetime.


Amber Rose





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