10 Celebrities Offered Millions to Star in Adult Films - 10. Christine Ouzounian

10. Christine Ouzounian

Christine Ouzounian used to be Ben Affleck’s nanny, and she allegedly has a lot to do with why Ben and his soon to be ex-wife actress Jennifer Garner, are no longer together. Chances are she won’t be getting a job taking care of children again any time soon (most wives aren’t going to hire her after her affiliation with the whole Ben and Jen thing), so why not check out adult films, right? Seems like a suitable career transition. P**n director Alex Braun offered Christine $1 million to star in an adult film parody series of Batman vs Superman. Ouzounian will reportedly be offered the role of Batwoman, but there’s no word on whether she’s accepted.


Christine Ouzounian





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