10 Celebrities Offered Millions to Star in Adult Films

Adult films are often what actors and actresses do when the bright lights of Hollywood are no longer shining on them, but they still need to make ends meet. Some actors even attempt to get their start in adult films, believing that a “legit” director will one day see their work and select them to work on a major movie.


10 Stars You Didn’t Know Were Offered Millions For An Adult Film

While the adult entertainment is pretty much frowned upon if you want to be taken seriously as an actor (or any kind of respectable celebrity), there’s certainly money in it. When people are asked to star in adult films, the contract often comes with lots of zeros, in order to make the deal appealing. Some celebrities have decided to go through with it because they needed the money (and hoped no one they knew would see the “movie”). Some people know their fame will only last a few minutes, and they decide to maximize it with an adult film appearance or two. Others turned down the offers because things haven’t gotten that bad for them financially. Of course, executives in the adult film industry often ask celebrities who are currently popular to star in their movies to boost the popularity of the industry. In these cases, the answer is usually “no”. Here are 10 people you probably didn’t know were offered millions to star in adult films.





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